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Casual Furniture World’s Gas Fireplace and Wood Stove Fall Open House

At Casual Furniture World, we understand that winter in the Carolinas can be fairly inconsistent. During the peak of winter, we can go from a high of forty degrees to a low of twenty in the span of an hour or two! Rather than combat the cold alone, at Casual Furniture World we offer an array of direct vent fireplaces, gas logs, and wood stoves, so your family is fully prepared for another Carolina winter. 

However, if you’re unsure which method of home heating is best suited for your family, we’d like to help! The Casual Furniture World team has created a virtual Fall Open House, all about home heating! 

With your newfound knowledge, you can find the right home heating method for your family, all from the comfort of home. Our Fall Open House highlights various products, such as vented and vent-free gas logs, and wood stoves. After watching our webinar, you’ll be able to find the best home heating system in no time.

If you’re ready to keep out the Carolina cold this winter and want to learn more about our fall open house webinar, then continue reading for additional details.


Explore Your Home Heating Options

Throughout the year, we’ve all been spending additional time at home, and this winter will be no different. Rather than wonder how to heat your home and keep your family comfortable all season long, the Casual Furniture World team would like to bring our expert advice to your screen. The best part of our open house is that you can learn all about gas logs and fireplaces from anywhere!

During our Fall Open House, our presenters showcase various home heating options that might be suitable for your family. These will include:

While it might seem like all of these heating methods are similar, the truth is that every home heating system is quite unique. Instead of guessing which one is best, and safest, for your family, our presenters are going to discuss the major benefits of every one of our home heating systems. In addition to discussing home heating, we will also highlight Breeo outdoor fire pits, for families who love relaxing outdoors during the cooler months.

At Casual Furniture World, we know choosing the perfect home heating system can be overwhelming. our open house, we will not only describe but demonstrate how each heating system operates. You’ll be able to see the differences between heating methods, so you can visualize which fireplace belongs in your home.


Learn more about Gas Logs

In addition to demonstrating how our different home heating systems operate, we will also take the time to answer your questions during the webinar!

While staying warm all winter long is very important, the technical side of home heating is good information to have. During our webinar, we will also discuss a few essential facts about gas log fireplaces, such as:

Besides addressing these important facts, we will also have two Q&A sessions, where we’ll answer questions about gas logs, and other home heating methods we carry at our Casual Furniture World store locations.



How to Access our Virtual Fall Open House

f you’d like to learn more about the different ways to heat your home, you can access it here!

At Casual Furniture World, we understand that finding the perfect home heating method is very important. When it comes to choosing between a direct vent fireplace, vent-free gas logs, vented gas logs, and wood stoves, we want you to feel comfortable and confident in your selection. Don’t face another Carolina winter unprepared. 


Want to prep yourself ahead of time for our webinar? Download our free 2020 Gas Fireplace Guide, to learn more about which fireplace style suits your home heating needs!


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