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The Design and Economic Benefits of Wood Stoves in Your Home

Besides the look and feel that a wood stove adds to your home, they are also economical. The cost of using wood as a fuel is typically cheaper than other options like propane, natural gas, or coal. In addition, clearing deadfall from wooded areas keeps forests healthy and reduces the risk of a forest fire. And in the event of a power outage, you'll have peace of mind knowing your home will stay warm.

The Best Wood Stove Brands in the Business

Casual Furniture World carries the best wood-burning stoves on the market today such as:

  • Buck Wood Stoves

  • Hearthstone Wood Stoves

  • Jøtul Wood Stoves

  • Vermont Casting Stoves

Wood Stoves


Modern EPA certified stoves burn cleaner and more efficient than older models. That means logs burn longer, with minimal ash and less (carbon bi-product) smoke. Now is a great time to replace older, inefficient wood stoves, with more environmentally and economically friendly choices.

A Variety of Wood Burning Stove Styles

When many people think of wood stoves, they often think of black cast iron stoves. That style is still widely available, but today's stove buyer has many options. There's a wood stove for every house, whether it's a suburban twin home, an urban loft, or a cozy rural cabin. From sleek and modern to rustic and vintage looking, there's a stove in every color, to match every decor. 

Many new wood stove models also offer side or front (or even top) loading. This is a safer way to add logs to a fire. Staying warm this winter has never been easier.

Consider these items when purchasing a wood stove:

  1. How many square feet are you trying to heat (remember air doesn’t turn corners well)

  2. Log Length (if you already have wood)

  3. Heat Life & Efficiency (Catalytic Stoves may be considered here)

  4. Additional Features such as top-loading, ash pan, rear vents.

  5. Budget


Steel Stoves are the least expensive, heat up quickly but also then cool down much faster.  These are most often only available in matte black. These are perfect workhorses when efficiency is not as important and maybe budget is.

Cast Iron Stoves are lightly higher on price but offer a greater and more consistent heat life, giving you more efficiency. Cast Iron stoves offer a variety of enamel finishes and can add a nice design element to any room.

Soapstone Stoves are typically some of the highest prices, but also some of the most attractive and efficient stoves. (Remember, a fireplace or wood stove is often the focal point of a room or even the whole house). Soapstone stoves typically offer the longest heat life. 


Don't let another year pass by without updating your home with the perfect wood stove for you. Contact Casual Furniture World today to get the optimal heating source you’ve been looking for. 


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