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What are the Benefits of Gas Fireplaces?

Getting to sit around the fireplace with loved ones is a wintertime favorite for many, but not everyone imagines themselves gathered around a wood-burning fireplace.

While traditional wood-burning fireplaces are quite beautiful, they aren’t always the safest or most cost-effective option for homeowners. For instance, if you or a family member has asthma, a real wood-burning fireplace might not be the best choice for your family’s health. Plus, the yearly upkeep of a wood-burning fireplace can become costly over time.

As local gas fireplace dealers, the Casual Furniture World team understands that every home should have a safe, but effective heating option during winter. That’s why we carry so many heating solutions at our stores. However, for homeowners that love the look of a real wood-burning fireplace, but want none of the mess, nothing says comfort quite like a gas fireplace.

Gas fireplaces are designed to provide optimal warmth, and offer so many home heating benefits compared to real wood-burning fireplaces. If you’re uncertain whether or not a gas fireplace is best for your home, we’d like to help. Today, we’re going to break down the many benefits gas fireplaces have to offer, and how a gas fireplace dealer near you can help you find the perfect gas fireplace.


A Closer Look at Gas Fireplace Benefits

For many homeowners, it’s difficult to find a home heating system compatible with their family’s needs. After all, some families love the idea of a wood-burning fireplace, while others want something safer for their children and relatives. Instead of wondering which option is best for your family, we’re going to answer all your gas fireplace questions by taking a closer look at the benefits of gas fireplaces.


Gas Fireplaces are More Cost-Effective

As local gas fireplace dealers, the Casual Furniture World team knows that fireplaces and wood stoves are a long term investment. Paying for chopped logs year after year might not seem expensive at first, but the price of wood logs and fire starters has significantly increased over the years.Plus, cleaning the chimney year after year, along with other yearly maintenance, can become quite costly.

One of the benefits of a gas fireplace is that after the initial purchase, gas fireplaces are very cost-effective for homeowners. Gas fireplaces are fueled by either liquid propane or natural gas, so running your fireplace for a few hours every night isn’t going to be as expensive as you’d think. The truth is that gas fireplaces are a more affordable long term solution for your home because the annual cost to run a gas fireplace is significantly lower than most wood burning fireplaces. Before you install a gas fireplace, you can compare gas fireplace models to find an option that is affordable and effective for your space. When it comes to a cost-effective home heating option, gas fireplaces truly speak for themselves.


Gas Fireplaces have Minimal Maintenance

Another drawback of wood-burning fireplaces is how much maintenance they require. While there are plenty of pros and cons of wood-burning fireplaces, one of the most common cons is their annual maintenance. It’s not enough to simply clean out the ashes once in a while. In order to have your wood-burning fireplace run properly year after year, homeowners must have the chimney and flue cleaned at the start of each winter. That means you’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars every year to continue servicing your wood-burning fireplace, in addition to running it.

Instead of dealing with costly annual maintenance, a gas fireplace is a better long term solution for your wallet. One of the best benefits of a gas fireplace is that they require far less maintenance compared to a wood-burning fireplace. You can do most of the cleaning and upkeep yourself, all you have to do is turn off the gas connection to get started with any vacuuming or dusting. However, we do recommend that you complete all major gas fireplace services through a licensed professional, like Casual Furniture World. Our gas fireplace technicians are trained to perform important services, such as cleaning your pilot light, inspecting your firebox, and making sure your gas fireplace runs as it should year after year.


Gas Logs Look Authentic

It’s a common fear among homeowners that gas logs won’t look as realistic as wood-burning fireplaces. While you won’t have the same crackling sounds as a wood-burning fireplace, the gas logs themselves look very authentic and could pass as real wood logs. Today’s fireplace manufacturers are capable of making a variety of gas log styles, capturing the appearance of oak, birch, cherry, and pine logs in their replicas.

Also, gas log flames look just as authentic as real wood-burning fireplaces. While gas fireplace flames might not reach the same height as real wood-burning fireplaces, that doesn’t mean they’re not supplying an adequate amount of heat throughout your room. Installing gas fireplace logs means you won’t have to compromise on style or home heating.


Select Gas Logs Compatible with Your Home

With a wood-burning fireplace, what you see is exactly what you get. Meanwhile, gas fireplaces offer far more home heating possibilities. For instance, if you decide to move forward with a gas fireplace, you’ll be able to pick between two styles of logs - vent-free and vented gas logs. As a gas fireplace dealer near you, we can help you find the best type of gas logs for your home, based on existing fireplace connections and fuel sources.


A Safer Alternative in Gas Fireplaces

Another benefit of gas fireplaces is that they are far safer than traditional wood-burning fireplaces. While it’s pleasant to hear, a real wood-burning fireplace isn’t always safe for some families. Real wood-burning fireplaces produce smoke and ash, which can be harmful to family members with pre-existing medical conditions. If you or a family member has asthma or other respiratory problems, gas fireplaces are a safer alternative to the traditional wood-burning fireplace.


Still have questions? Visit a Local Gas Fireplace Dealer

We realize it’s a tough decision to make, but if you’re still uncertain about which type of fireplace is best for your home, our expert fireplace technicians are here to help. It’s common to have questions about such a serious investment, but rather than research on your own, our technicians can help you make a smart home heating and financial decision. We know the best direct vent gas fireplace brands, gas fireplace inserts, and can help you make an informed decision for the entire family.

If you’ve been looking for gas fireplaces for sale near you, it’s time to visit your local Casual Furniture World store. As local gas fireplace dealers, we’re familiar with all the different types of gas fireplace brands, gas logs, and fueling methods you need to operate your gas logs.



As local gas fireplace dealers near you, we’re here to help you find the best home heating option for your family. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of gas fireplaces, vent-free gas logs, vented gas logs, read our 2020 Gas Fireplace Guide.


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