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Why do Kozy Heat Direct Vent Fireplaces Provide Better Heating Solutions?

When it's cold outside, nothing beats snuggling up in front of a warm fireplace with a good book and a hot cup of cocoa to take off the chill as well as provide the perfect, cozy atmosphere. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces are awesome, but they come with plenty of drawbacks. Kozy Heat direct vent gas fireplaces provide plenty of advantages over their wood-burning counterparts without most of the drawbacks, making them the better solution.


Less Work Required

With traditional fireplaces, getting firewood can be a hassle, you either have to chop it and haul it yourself, or get someone to deliver and stack it for about three times the price. A Kozy Heat fireplace eliminates this issue as well as having to clean up the ash, wood chips, and dirt that penetrates into everything around the hearth. You can avoid the essential chore of frequent chimney cleaning by burning cleaner gas. When it comes to lighting your gas fireplace, there's no contest. You can turn it off and on with just the flip of a switch; better yet, some models come with a remote control.

Not to mention, Kozy Heat Fireplaces can be vented through your existing chimney if you have one. Or, you can pick a system that can vent horizontally on an exterior wall, if that’s what you prefer. Direct Vent fireplaces use a double pipe system to bring fresh in from outside through one pipe and the exhaust is released outside through the other.  

Higher Level Heating Efficiency

A major advantage of a gas fireplace its capacity to provide a continuous supply of heat at a consistent level and with greater control. You have to add logs to stoke up a wood-burning fireplace or let it burn down to cool things off a bit. Because Kozy Heat fireplaces use direct ventilation (and many feature a thermostatic control), they can pull cold air in radiate heat through the special ceramic glass (be careful of units with tempered glass as these are non-heating units) front and blower system. This also can produce a savings of up to 25% on your heating bill because it can evenly spread the warm air throughout the main living area, and eliminate the need for the heat more unused areas. 


Greater Operational Safety

Sparks can be a safety issue with wood-burning fireplaces, but that’s not a problem with Kozy Heat fireplaces. You can avoid having to deal with woodpiles where splinters, spiders, snakes, and rodents present a number of potential hazards. However, a major safety factor with Kozy Heat fireplaces includes having a closed combustion chamber. This not only eliminates sparks and fire hazards, but it also reduces the risks of carbon monoxide and/or odors entering your home.

Installing a Kozy Heat Gas Fireplace

Both the cost and ease of installing a Kozy Heat gas fireplace are also added benefits to keep in mind. You don't have to sacrifice style and atmosphere, because Kozy Heat fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles and designs, including natural-looking logs, beautiful grates, and all the accessories for that genuine, rustic look and feel.

Take off the chill and enjoy the atmosphere of a fireplace without all the headaches this winter. Casual Furniture World carries a broad selection of Kozy Heat gas fireplaces to choose from along with a variety of accessories, delivery and installation options. Contact us for more information about the Kozy Heat Gas Fireplaces available at Casual Furniture World.


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