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What Makes Vent-Free Gas Logs Different than other Logs?

As their name implies, vent-free gas logs don't require a fireplace chimney or other type of vent to eliminate combustion byproducts like soot or creosote from your home. These clean-burning gas logs simply don't produce enough to worry about! They give you all of the cozy ambiance of a wood fire without all of the work and mess. 

Advantages of Vent-Free Gas Logs

  • Even if you have a non-working fireplace or unusable chimney, you can still enjoy the look of a wood fire.

  • They're easy to install almost anywhere.

  • Nearly all of the heat produced actually stays inside your home instead of going up the chimney or out through a vent. 

  • They produce enough of that heat to warm up a substantial portion of your home. All of our models will heat at least 1,200 square feet!

  • They use about half of the gas than vented logs since they burn more efficiently.

  • They're available in several different styles that look like real wood, including charred logs and split oak.

  • A remote control is included with some units and is available as an option for the others.

Disadvantages of Vent-Free Gas Logs

  • The flames aren't as realistic as those from vented gas logs. They tend to be shorter, with less realistic color and movement.

  • Since they cycle the air throughout the room, for safety purposes vent-free logs require the use of an oxygen depletion system and a carbon monoxide detector. Fortunately, each of our models includes a built-in oxygen depletion system.

  • Because of the suffocation risk, never leave them running unless someone is home and awake. 

  • They should be used for a maximum of 6 hours per day.


Contact Casual Furniture World for more information about vent-free gas logs and how they can warm your home today. They're perfect for creating an amazing, casual space full of cozy warmth and ambiance.



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