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Why Do Gas Fire Pits Make the Perfect Outdoor Accessory?

Do you love the layout of your outdoor living space, but feel like something is missing? If you’re looking for the final touch, a gas fire pit is a perfect addition to any outdoor space! Gas fire pits provide the perfect ambiance you need to entertain friends and family for hours. We love these amazing products for a number of reasons, so if you’ve been searching for an outdoor accessory that enhances your space, learn why a gas fire pit is a must-have addition for your backyard.

Fully Functional and Customizable

If you want to create a warm and inviting backyard atmosphere, outdoor fire pits are essential for every outdoor entertainer. They’re the perfect focal point for any patio or deck, and will become the start of every conversation.

Gas fire pits come in a variety of shapes and styles, so you'll be able to find the right fit for your backyard. The most popular styles include circular, rectangular, and square fire pits - and all three can be found on our showroom floors! A great feature of gas fire pits is their ability to be customized. If you happen to love the look of a fire pit, but don’t love the top, that’s no problem. At Casual Furniture World, we can customize any fire pit you see on our showroom floors. Simply pick a top that suits the needs of your space, and we’ll make the proper customizations. The possibilities are truly endless.

Additionally, our gas fire pits are crafted from some of the most durable materials on the market - granite, aluminum, concrete, even poly. This backyard accessory will last for years to come - you’ll never have to worry about the safety or security of your fire pit.

The best part? Gas fire pits aren’t just an outdoor feature you turn on to entertain - they can be fully functional as well! More designers are creating gas fire pit tables that double as a cocktail or coffee table when it’s not in use. With the touch of a button, the top will open, revealing your propane or natural gas fire pit. You can entertain with ease, sitting on your custom outdoor cushions with friends, and still enjoy the warm ambiance of your fire pit.

Easy to Use - and Safe to Install

Gas fire pits are incredibly user friendly, and ideal for anyone who wants the aesthetic of a fire pit, without the maintenance and clean-up of wood. While we carry a variety of styles, most of our fire pits run on natural gas or propane, depending on your preference. To ‘turn on’ your gas fire pit, not much work is required. In many cases, our fire pits will start automatically with the push of a button. However, if you need to light your fire pit, turn the heat onto its lowest setting, use a long-handled lighter, to ignite.

One of the most appealing parts of gas fire pits is that they require almost no maintenance - so if you want the charm of a wood-burning fire pit, without the mess, this is the ideal choice. All of our gas fire pits provide the visual aesthetic of a cozy night at home, without the smell and smoke of burning logs. Plus, because we offer a wide selection of fire pits, all of our BTU ratings are extremely high compared to most fire pits found in big box stores! 

This means you’ll experience a bigger flame when you turn on your fireplace, with all the safety ratings to back it up. All of the fire pits Casual Furniture World carries are CSA certified and UL listed, so they are safe to use and operate anywhere in your backyard. You’ll be able to safely entertain for hours, thanks to the light of your fire pit.

Benefits of Gas Fire Pits

Gas fire pits provide all the design aesthetics and safety features you need to complete your backyard. Plus, certain models of fire pits can be installed in a semi-enclosed area. If you have a screened-in porch that is missing the ambiance of a fire pit, just talk to one of our designers to see what model is safe for your outdoor space. We have a variety of brands and styles perfect for every backyard. From Firetainment’s outdoor cooking fire pits to Plank and Hyde’s more traditional ambiance, we’ll find something that is perfect for your space.

Even once you have all the right furniture and outdoor accessories, it can be hard to find a layout that’s right for your outdoor furniture. Read our Buying and Design Tips for Outdoor Living Furniture and if you need help finishing up your outdoor space, just schedule a free design consultation with one of our designers.

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