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Everything You Need to Know about Vented Gas Logs

Would you prefer a cozy campfire or a larger bonfire blazing away in your fireplace? You can take your pick when you install vented gas logs in your fireplace hearth! 

What Exactly Are Vented Gas Logs?

These gas logs take the place of real wooden logs in your fireplace. Like wood burning fires with real logs, they provide the warm ambiance of a wood-burning fire. Unlike real logs, there's no hauling timber, splitting logs, gathering kindling, or messy clean-up involved. You won't even need matches. Just flip a switch and enjoy an instant fire in your fireplace! 

Advantages of Vented Gas Logs

  • They provide largest and most realistic flames of any type of gas logs. The tall, yellow flames weave and dance around and through the logs just like a real log fire.

  • Adding an optional remote, which some of our sets come with, allows for the ultimate in push-button ease.

  • Since they use your existing fireplace and chimney, installation is relatively simple.

  • The logs will burn for a lifetime with never any ash or other messy residues!

Disadvantages of Vented Gas Logs

  • Like a real log fire, they require a fireplace and chimney in good condition and proper working order.

  • For safety reasons, they must be used with the damper open. However, please note, the homeowner cannot close the damper when not in use. Homeowner code requires that the damper be clamped in the open position to eliminate the possibility of turning the log set on with a closed damper.  Many consider adding a glass door to stop potential drafts coming down the chimney and from losing already conditioned air up the chimney.

  • Just as when burning actual logs, most of the heat produced goes up the chimney due to that open damper and convection currents. Make sure to check out our Radiant Vented Gas Logs to maximize your heat.

  • They typically use about twice the gas than vent-free gas logs in order to produce their taller, more realistic flames.

  • Some municipalities may ban them because of the combustion byproducts released into the atmosphere. 



If you would enjoy the look and romantic ambiance of dancing flames and a cozy fire, contact Casual Furniture World. We can help you create the casual living space of your dreams with one of our vented gas log sets. 



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