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How to Measure for Gas Logs

Winter in the Carolinas might not hit those extremely cold temperatures, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have your fair share of cooler weather. In order to keep your home and family warm this winter, it’s best to have a reliable source of heat that is safe and cost-effective. A wood-burning fireplace is a more traditional choice, but today’s fireplaces have so much more to offer.

If you’re not a fan of real wood fires, but still want the glowing embers and heat of a fireplace, we have the perfect solution: a gas fireplace. Gas fireplaces don’t produce the same mess, crackle loudly, or produce the same ashy smells as a wood-burning fireplace. However, gas fireplaces can still supply your home with plenty of heat and are highly cost-effective. Gas fires are ideal for homeowners that want the warmth of a fire, without the mess and ash of charred oak wood logs.

Before you can enjoy the warmth of your gas fireplace, there are a few necessary steps you’ll have to take so your fireplace produces the ideal amount of warmth. One of those is measuring the inside of your gas fireplace, so you can order the perfect gas logs for your family. Today, we’re going to discuss why, and how, you should measure your gas fireplace in order to find the right-sized gas logs.



Why is it Important to Measure Your Fireplace?


Whether you have a vent-free gas fireplace or a vented gas fireplace, your fireplace can’t produce enough heat necessary to warm your home without the right fireplace measurements.

The reasoning behind this? Your gas fireplaces require something called clearance, in order to conduct enough heat safely. Gas fireplace clearance is the appropriate amount of distance between your fireplace burner system, and the walls of your fireplace. Without enough clearance, your fireplace valves can overheat, which can lead to system malfunctions and safety risks.No matter the type of gas fireplace in your home, vented gas logs and vent-free gas logs require plenty of clearance in order to keep your burner system fully operational. For additional safety information about your gas fireplace, review How to Use Vent-Free Gas Fireplaces Safely.



How to Measure Your Fireplace for Gas Logs


Before you can install gas logs, you’ll have to take the proper measurements of your gas fireplace. The right dimensions will determine what size logs are most compatible with your space. To begin, it’s best to measure your fireplace when it’s completely open and empty. This will provide you with the best possible calculations.

Before you start measuring, you’ll need a tape measure, and either a pen and paper or your smartphone handy. It’s important to record your measurements, so pick your preferred method when it’s time to take notes. To begin measuring your fireplace:

  1. Measure the front width of your fireplace at its opening
  2. Measure the rear width of your fireplace at it’s back
  3. Measure from the back wall to the front opening, to record the depth
  4. Measure from the floor of your fireplace to the lowest point inside, so you can find the inside height

Once you have all the proper measurements, you can take the dimensions of your fireplace to a Casual Furniture World near you. One of our gas fireplace technicians will be able to find the right-sized gas logs based on your measurements.

In addition to your measurements, we will also need to know the vent type, fuel type, and ignition type of your fireplace. What we mean by this is whether or not your gas fireplace:

  • Is vented or vent-fee?
  • Does it run on natural gas or propane?
  • Is ignited by a pilot light, or via remote control?

This information is helpful in narrowing down what size and style of gas logs are suitable for your space, so our team can find and install the correct gas fireplace logs for your home.

If you are unsure what type of fuel or ignition your fireplace runs on, that’s not a problem. Prior to installing your gas logs, we can schedule a service appointment at your convenience to determine the above factors.



Take Time to Schedule Gas Log Service


Once you’ve taken the proper measurements and have the correct information, one of our licensed technicians will be able to install either ventless gas logs or a vent-free gas log set in your fireplace. After your gas log installation, we recommend that you schedule annual gas log service every one to two years so your fireplace stays clean and safe for years to come. 

From now until February 1st, we’re currently offering annual gas log service at our Winston-Salem store location, so your fireplace is ready to go for winter. During your appointment, one of our technicians will clean and service your gas logs and fireplace, so it continues to run like new all winter long. During your appointment, our technician will:

  • Inspect your pilot light
  • Check your firebox
  • Inspect and clean your gas logs


If you book your gas log service appointment for Casual Furniture sets online, you’ll receive a $15 dollar discount towards your service. Our schedule is already filling up, so don’t delay! Just remember that our gas fireplace service is only available through our Winston-Salem store location. Book today to protect and heat your home for another Carolina winter.



Capture these measurements when you download our 2020 Gas Fireplace Guide, and once you find out which fireplace is most compatible with your lifestyle, learn how to prep for your gas fireplace installation.

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