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How to Choose an Outdoor Dining Set

When properly designed, outdoor dining can be a luxurious change of pace. However, to gather everyone around the dining table, you have to select the right dining set that will accommodate all your family and friends. Whether you plan on hosting an outdoor dinner, or a backyard BBQ, no party is complete without the right outdoor living furniture.

If you’re struggling to find an outdoor dining set that suits your space, we have some suggestions that will simplify your shopping experience and help you find the perfect dining collection.


Your Patio Space Determines Your Dining Set

Not all dining spaces are the same. Some of us have spacious backyards with room to spare, while others have screened-in porches. Consider how much extra space you’ll need to move comfortably around your table, along with the required capacity of your dining area. We recommend leaving at least three feet of room around all sides of your table so that everyone can move around freely.

From there, you can determine what size dining table would be best for your space. If you have a spacious patio with additional room for chaise lounges and other patio furniture, a circular patio dining table would be best. For a more defined and traditional dining space, a rectangular table would be perfect for narrow decks and screened-in porches.

If you have a quaint patio space with limited room, a small bistro set or narrow bar top table would be perfect for you and a loved one. It still provides the formality of an outdoor dining area, without taking up too much space. These patio dining sets are ideal for two.

Once you’ve decided on the outdoor dining table that suits your space, it’s time to think about what chairs would be best for your area. If you don’t have space for other outdoor seating, a cushioned high backed seating arrangement is ideal for this space. Or, if you want to offer additional comfort to your friends and family, swivel chairs or chairs with arm supports are perfect for you.



What Material Suits Your Outdoor Dining Idea?

Depending on where you live, the size of your patio or deck, and personal preferences, it’s time to pick your perfect outdoor dining material. Luckily, most outdoor furniture comes in a variety of beautiful and highly durable materials.

If you love the idea of a timeless outdoor space, we recommend materials such as:

However, if you’re more interested in something practical, comfortable, and still stylish, you can branch out to other materials like Poly, steel, and recycled materials. For a complete list of the most durable outdoor furniture materials, review our guide The 6 Most Durable Outdoor Furniture Materials before you shop.

Once you decide which materials suit your taste, you’ll be able to narrow down what sets match your vision and preferences while shopping.



Outdoor Dining Ideas that Will Dazzle

Once you have the right set picked out for your patio, it’s essential to add a few other design ideas that are bound to amaze your guests. Without the right environment, your furniture won’t have the same impact or aesthetic.

Some additional patio ideas that will elevate your outdoor dining area are:

  • Place your dining table and chairs by a view
    • If you happen to have a beautiful view of your backyard, this is the perfect place to put your outdoor dining set.

  • Make the space inviting for guests
    • It’s one thing to sit and have a meal - it’s another to dine in style! Therefore, make your space as inviting as possible for your guests. Provide plenty of lighting so everyone can see, and add a patio umbrella for additional shade. The right outdoor decor like candles, lights, outdoor cushions, and even a gas fire pit, can take your outdoor dining space to the next level.

  • Make things accessible and open
    • When you’re picking your outdoor dining location, make sure there aren’t other large pieces of furniture nearby. Things like loungers and Adirondack chairs can get in the way of your guests. Arrange your outdoor furniture layout accordingly, so everyone can sit back and relax without running into one another.



If you’re ready to start shopping for your must-have outdoor living furniture and dining set, download our Essential Outdoor Checklist to simplify your shopping experience. Once you’re ready to design your outdoor space, schedule a design consultation with one of our incredible designers to find the outdoor dining set that suits your space.