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How to Create and Care for Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions

There are three main components of outdoor cushions: Foam, fabric and construction/workmanship. In many cases, outdoor cushions have a notoriously short lifespan, because these features aren’t addressed in their design. This means if you happen to leave your cushions outside, in spring and summer rains, they’re at risk of facing water damage or fabric damage sooner rather than later.

At Casual Furniture World, we believe your investment means something. You should never have to worry about your cushions if they’re left outdoors in the rain, or get exposed to the sun for days on end. We also believe that the initial comfort of your cushion should last year after year. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to change the standard of outdoor cushions from the inside out, and have outlined all the essential steps it takes to care for your cushions year-round. 

If you want to learn about the differences and quality in our cushion design, and how to care for your outdoor furniture cushions, keep reading. 


How are Casual Furniture World Outdoor Cushions Different than Standard Cushions?

Quality shouldn’t have an expiration date, and with purchases like patio cushions, many people think their cushions are guaranteed to only last a few years. Our outdoor cushions are different than your typical outdoor cushion because we focus on creating quality from the inside out. To prove it, we place a lifetime warranty on our cushion construction, and will fix minor repairs - free of charge.  We even offer a very affordable accidental fabric protection plan should you have a mishap!

You might be wondering, what gives our cushions their durability and warranty? For starters, we are vertically integrated with our own cushion manufacturing shop so repairs are fairly easy. Our cushion interior is composed of carefully selected foam and synthetic poly materials, that provide long lasting support and comfort. We also feature a special sonic-welded, water resistant lining that prevents most water from ever getting to the core of the cushion.  At a special request, we can adjust the firmness of your cushions to your liking. 

If you want to see how our cushions are more durable than most, take a look at our cushion comparison video to see the difference for yourself.

Durable, Water Resistant Fabrics

The biggest game-changer with Casual Furniture World cushions? Our warranty, water-resistance, fabric selection and turnaround time. In additional to our internal liner, we only use durable, water-resistant fabrics to create our cushions. Our favorite lines feature brands like Sunbrella and Outdura because they’re made with 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric, right here in the USA. 

Because our fabrics are made of an UV stabilized acrylic fiber (essentially a plastic), this means your cushion is resistant to water, fading, dry rot and mold growth.  When many people think about a plastic fabric they may think that the fabric is still or not comfortable.  Due to modern day materials and weaving techniques, many fabrics are as soft or softer than cotton!  You won’t have to worry about leaving your cushions outside for days - they’ll stay protected no matter what.

We offer a variety of cushion fabrics and designs and you can take a look the hundreds of swatches we offer in stores. Our designers are always ready to help if you need assistance in deciding what fits your outdoor space. Our cushions are compatible with a number of brands and collections, so you won’t have to worry about the dimensions and fit of your cushions. For more information, take a look at our custom cushion page, and see what designs suit your needs.


How to Care for Outdoor Furniture Cushions

One of the best "rules-of-thumb" for caring for outdoor cushions is to treat them just like you would your car.  Some soap and water, a soft bristle brush and a garden hose will be sufficient for most cleanings. Spray the cushions all over, and scrub the entire surface making sure to get along seams and welts where dirt can hide.  A large car wash brush will make quick work of this task. Exposing the cushions to a few hours of sunlight and standing them upright (zipper side down) after cleaning will help them dry faster.  For tougher stains read our "Spot Cleaning Guide" at the bottom.


Frequent Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your outdoor furniture cushions doesn’t have to happen every day, but it’s a good idea to check on them every so-often Go outside and make sure there isn’t loose dirt or debris resting on your cushions. Wet, decomposing leaves can create some of the worst stains if left unchecked. Remember, it's best to let your cushions air dry completely before placing them back on your furniture.   A good cleaning in early spring, one after pollen season and one before winter should be more than sufficient.  Blowing your cushions and furniture off with a leaf blower or vacuuming them is a quick way to keep your cushions nice and clean throughout the outdoor living season.

Spot Cleaning and Stain Tips

Rather than toss your entire cushion casing into the washing machine, there are easier ways to deal with stains and spots. However, if you do decide to wash your casings we will be more than glad to re-stuff them for you at no charge. 

***WARNING - The below steps are only suitable for solution dyed acrylic fabrics.  All fabrics sold by Casual Furniture World can be cleaned with the steps below, using bleach***

All it takes is clean water and a little bleach. Combine a cup of bleach with a gallon of water, place it within a spray bottle, and spray directly on the area that needs cleaning. 

After ten minutes, thoroughly rinse clean with a bit of pressure (a standard garden hose with a spay nozzle should be fine).  Rather than use cold water, which may or may not remove the stain, try lukewarm water instead.

For additional help, try a soft-bristled brush for tougher stains. It’s good to use on your patio furniture as well, so you can keep it handy for both.


Store Your Cushions

If you plan on being indoors for a period of time you may also consider storing your cushions under a breathable cover or a dry location within your home.  Casual Furniture World offers numerous protective covers and cushion storage boxes that can protect your investment.


If you’re ready to invest in outdoor cushions that can hold their own, come take a look at Casual Furniture World’s selection. You can select your fabric, customize your Furniture, and create the most comfortable seating arrangement for your lifestyle. Take a moment to schedule a design appointment online, or visit one of our three store locations to get in touch with a designer.


We also offer replacement cushions for outdoor furniture as well!