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How to Clean Teak Wood Furniture

If you’re someone who loves the rich, golden color of teak wood furniture, you’re not alone. This classic furniture material is popular for a number of reasons: its durability, various size options, and lustrous finish is ideal for every type of outdoor living space. However, because of its beautiful finish, teak is often thought to be difficult to care for - which could not be further from the truth.

In actuality, teak furniture doesn’t require extensive maintenance in your day to day life, however, if you want to keep its original warm coloring, there are a few steps you have to take in order for it to look brand new. With the right annual maintenance, your teak outdoor furniture is going to look pristine for years to come.

What Makes Teak Furniture Unique?

The reason teak wood furniture is so unique is because of the natural oils found within teak trees. Teak lumber is exceptionally warm in color, durable, and resistant to scratches because of the lustrous oils found within its raw material.

Teak wood is more resilient to the elements, particularly salt water, than many other outdoor furniture materials, which is why teak was such a popular material for building ships. However, just because teak is fairly durable doesn’t mean it’s exempt from annual cleaning and care.

Luckily, teak furniture doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance as other furniture materials. There are just a few annual things that need to be completed, in order to preserve the color of your teak.

How To Clean Teak Furniture

Compared to other materials, teak very low maintenance, and only requires cleaning and care once a year. Unless something dark were to spill on its surface, and possibly alter the color, it’s very easy to clean your teak wood furniture. Outdoor dining tables, coffee tables, rocking chairs, and bar stools all require the exact same service: light cleaning followed with an annual teak sealant.

If you want to preserve the classic look of natural teak furniture, it’s important to seal your furniture every year - the sealant preserves the natural oils and helps your furniture keep its coloring despite constant sun exposure. However, if you don’t mind the natural, silvery grey patina color that develops over time, then you don’t have to worry about applying the annual sealant. This color will occur naturally - just be sure to clean your furniture with a little water and a bristle brush, so it stays free from dirt.



How to Apply Teak Sealant

If you decide to preserve the original color of your teak furniture, it’s time to get to work applying your teak sealant. This sealant keeps oils, foods, and UV rays from diminishing the overall color of your teak, so you can keep your investment looking brand new for years to come.

When it’s time to seal your furniture, first, clean off the teak using warm water and a bristled brush, so the wood is ready to absorb the sealant. Once it’s completely dry, start applying the sealant in sections using a cloth or a brush. Continue until all of your teak furniture is completely sealed. Typically, this shouldn’t take longer than an hour to finish. After the outdoor application is complete, let it sit for up to five hours so it’s completely dry. Once the sealant has absorbed into the wood, your furniture is ready for use again!


Additional Protective Measures

If you want to preserve your loungers, dining chairs, and patio dining sets even further, you can purchase outdoor furniture covers to protect them when they’re not in use. Typically teak furniture doesn’t have to be stored, but if you love the coloring and want to go the extra mile, then a furniture cover might be a safe long term solution. For more protective tips, take a look at Four Essential Steps to Outdoor Furniture Maintenance.

If you’re looking for something with even less maintenance than teak, that’s just as durable, Poly furniture is a great solution for no maintenance outdoor furniture. While teak has a more classic feel to it, Poly has absolutely no maintenance required - which might be ideal for those of you who travel frequently throughout the year.

Do you love the look of warm, lustrous, teak furniture sitting on your patio? Well, now you can enjoy your teak furniture, without the maintenance! All of our store locations are offering a free teak surface sealant special - buy any set of teak furniture, and receive free teak sealant. We’ll even apply it for you! Just take a virtual tour of our teak showroom, or visit our Myrtle Beach showroom for yourself to start shopping! For more information about teak, read What Makes Grade A Teak: The Differences in Teak Wood Grades.