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What Makes Grade A Teak: The Differences in Teak Wood Grades

When it comes to finding the right outdoor furniture for your patio or deck, style is only one component of your decision. It’s just as important to find a material that suits your space and is durable enough to hold up against all of nature’s surprises.

If you’ve already begun looking for outdoor patio furniture near me, one of the most popular search results is teak wood furniture, and for good reason. For those who don’t know much about teak, it’s one of the most elegant and durable materials for patio furniture. Its natural wood properties  and its rich coloring compliments a variety of styles and outdoor spaces. 

However, when it comes to buying teak furniture, there are a few things to consider. There are a variety of different types of teak to choose from, called ‘teak wood grades.’ Each grade has different coloring, quality, and lifespans, ranging from A to C. If you want to learn more about the teak wood grading system, and see why you need grade A teak in your life, keep reading.


What is Teak Wood?

There are so many styles and materials of outdoor patio furniture, it can be a little overwhelming to remember what each style looks like. If you aren’t very familiar with teak, that’s okay - we’re here to provide a little more insight.

Teak is an Indonesian hardwood that is known for its durability, water and rot resistance, and unique oils and nutrients that reflect within its finish. The reason teak is so popular is because unlike most trees, teak keeps all of its natural oils after it’s treated. This means teak is less likely to absorb water or experience rot after a few years. These natural oils also act as a repellent against pests such as termites and wood boring ants. Given its natural defenses against the elements and pests  you won’t have to worry about worry about mother nature ruining your investment. 

The rich oils are also what give teak such a long life span, and in some cases, place it on the higher end of your budget. But the differences in quality of teak wood speaks for itself, in more ways than one.


Differences in Quality Grades of Teak

Even though teak is known for its high quality, there are a few key differences within grades of teak that are important to understand. Outdoor teak is broken down into three different grades, that determine the quality of the product. Take a look at the different grades of teak below, to truly understand the difference a higher grade of teak can make in your life. It is always important to make sure that any teak furniture you are considering buying is plantation grown and FSC certified.


Grade C Teak

Grade C teak is the lowest on the grading scale because most grade C teak is taken from the outside surface of the tree, known as the “sapwood.” Using this part of the tree to build furniture means the product will be less durable because it hasn’t had enough time to harden and absorb all the natural oils found within the center of the tree. Even though teak trees are known for their strength, grade C teak wood is generally softer and doesn’t have the same uniform honey coloring as the higher grades of teak. You are more likely to see dark black streaking, marks from insects and wood fillers to mask imperfections. 


Grade B Teak

Grade B teak is taken from further within the teak tree but is still made from immature heartwood. Because the tree is still relatively young, it’s still not going to maintain the same amount of strength as higher grades of teak. Grade B teak has a lighter color, and less shine, but overall is warmer and more durable than grade C. Also, it won’t withstand outdoor conditions without a protective outer coating, to keep together the few oils that rest within the wood.


Grade A Teak

Grade A teak earns its reputation because it comes from the center or heartwood of the trees, once they have fully matured (usually around 30 to 50 years) This gives grade A teak a uniform warmer, rich color, that is full of the natural, protective oils.  This allows you to see the oils and beauty of the furniture close to the grain. Grade A teak is also going to withstand the best in outdoor exposure.  Although Grade a teak does not require any protective coating or treatment applying a  water based sealer once a year can save you quite a bit of maintenance down the road.  


Which Teak is the Highest Quality?

Grade A Teak is by far the highest quality because it’s given then longest time to age, has the best coloration and the most oils which makes it by far the most beautiful and durable.

When it comes to your furniture, there are two important details to consider: quality, and budget. Even though higher grades of teak mean there is a change in price, it’s important to make an investment that will last for years to come. If you want high-quality outdoor furniture, investing in grade A teak will pay for itself tenfold.

Casual Furniture World is pleased to offer Grade A teak furniture from Kingsley Bate and Royal Teak.

If you’d like to learn more about the differences in teak grades or how to care for teak, our experienced stylists and outdoor furniture specialists will help you select high-quality products, at affordable prices. Just stop by one of our store locations to see our exclusive collections for yourself, or schedule a design consultation.