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A Fresh Take on Teakwood, the Traditional Outdoor Furniture

While there are plenty of outdoor furniture trends, there is one timeless material that looks perfect on every outdoor patio: teak wood furniture. This weather-resistant, warm, furniture material is ideal for every kind of outdoor space. It can compliment decks, patios, backyards, and pools of every shape and size.

However, while this is a more traditional outdoor furniture material, there are plenty of ways you can reinvent this classic wood furniture to look more modern. If you need creative design ideas that will help elevate your traditional teak outdoor furniture, we have some suggestions that will take outdoor entertainment to a whole new level.

Refresh A Timeless Classic with Metal

Thanks to the many natural oils preserved beneath the surface, teak furniture has a warm, rich mahogany color, that compliments a variety of outdoor spaces. However, if you’re looking for something more contemporary, and a little bit cooler, mixing and matching metals in your outdoor space is a great way to spice up the traditional look of teak wood furniture.

Because of teak’s rich coloring, an industrial finish like cast aluminum on the legs, or even metal accessories or accent tables will give your patio a midcentury modern feel. You won’t feel like your patio furniture is too traditional with the right accessories by your side. A teak dining table, complemented with aluminum-framed dining chairs will look remarkable in every outdoor living space.


Linear Outdoor Living

One of the best ways to build an outdoor living room or dining space is by incorporating clean lines into your design. Because teak is warm and earthy, adding linear structure and dimension is going to make the space feel modern, but still maintain a traditional atmosphere. Popular ideas include navy and blue pinstripe outdoor cushions, linear gas fire pits, and other outdoor features that have clean lines and definition.

Such sharp, defined features are going to accentuate the space, and provide a defined outdoor area for you and your loved ones to gather. If you happen to have a smaller outdoor deck or patio, sharp elongated lines are going to expand the small space, so it feels more inviting for your guests.



Alfresco Outdoor Dining

Teak is such a universal patio material, it’s easy to use it in a variety of spaces. If you want a fun way to use traditional teak wood while brightening up your backyard, create an informal alfresco dining spot. Patio dining sets don’t always have to be big, long, and spacious - sometimes the most inviting places are more compact and cozy. Traditional outdoor dining might seem like it has to fit a crowd, but a great way to spruce up a formal atmosphere is by playing up bright outdoor accessories.

Make outdoor dining more comfortable and informal with furniture throws, a textured outdoor rug, high backed deep seats, and bright outdoor china. Your teak dining set already has warm and inviting earth colors - if you don’t want a mid-century modern patio, just continue using those warm tones in your dining space to completely change the atmosphere to be more tropical, or rustic.


Interest Guests with Accent Spaces

At times, teak might feel too traditional and come across as one dimensional. However, the best part about teak is how you can mix and match different materials, colors, and styles, all while keeping the same patio furniture year after year.

A great way to redefine a more traditional patio space is with your accent furniture. If you have a teak coffee table that needs a little life, add bright patterns and textures using your pillows and throws. Potted plants or additional greenery are also going to brighten up your space in more ways than one.

Fun, bright accent spaces are a great way to liven up your patio, and traditional teak furniture.


Make Things Costal

Teak is known for its ability to weather the salty air, which is why it was such a popular shipbuilding material back in the day. Natural teak wood has oils that are capable of handling saltwater well, so if you really want to pay homage to teak, add bright, beachy colors to your furniture. Making a tropical statement on your deck or patio will make you feel like you’re seaside, minus the travel. Shades of blue, green, even pink, will contrast nicely against the color of your patio furniture, so you’ll feel like you’re on vacation.

If you live near the beach, you’re in luck - the salt air will help preserve the look of your wood, so its color will stay pristine. You’re going to have a bright, and durable patio space for years to come.

Are you ready for your own design twist on an old classic? Teak furniture is ideal for spaces of every shape and size - all you have left to do is find your perfect set and patio layout. Just browse our exclusive teak showroom in our Myrtle Beach store, or through our virtual showroom. The design possibilities are endless! For more teak tips, read What Makes Grade A Teak: The Differences in Teak Wood Grades.