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Use Color to Refresh and Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

People have long studied the effect of color on multiple subjects - color’s effect on the absorption of heat, reflection of light, and even influence of mood!  Whether you pick your colors based on your desire to influence your mood (for example, the color yellow has been known to boost serotonin production), to play off other colors in the space, or just because you love a certain color, seeing the same color for extended periods can leave it feeling stale.

When Colors Become Stale

Like a grape that spends too long on the vine, a color that has worn out its welcome can leave a sour taste that lingers just a little too long.  The positive aspect to this is that outdoor fabrics last a very long time, especially high quality fabrics. This is definitely a good thing.  But, it means you’re looking at the same colors for quite some time.  Your patio is as much about the visual appeal as it is comfort.  The two traditionally go hand-in-hand.

Need Inspiration?  Try The Exact Opposite!

So how do you solve for soft fabrics that, while they haven’t outlived themselves, they need to go on a “visual break”?  After all, you chose that particular houndstooth pattern in chartreuse and pink for a reason - it works, just not now...and probably not for a while longer.

So what do you replace it with?  How about the opposite?  Say you have solid colors; why not try a pattern?  Or, if you’ve lived with a pattern for a few years, try some solid fabrics.  Take the dominant color you currently have and pick its exact opposite on a color wheel. By choosing the inverse, you open yourself up to new possibilities.

It’s not “Goodbye”, just “not now...and probably not for a while”

Don’t look at switching colors out as a “goodbye”, but rather a “see you soon”.  By adding a set (having two complete sets of cushions), you are reducing weathering on both, allowing them to last longer.  By swapping out your cushions and pillows twice a year, you’re also keeping your outdoor space fresh and are allowing your family and your guests to experience more seasons with you in your outdoor space.  

Custom Cushions Enable Creativity

The right fabrics in cushions, slings, and pillows can really tie your space together.  Our Designers will work with you to select the right fabric colors and textures to enhance your outdoor living space.  We can work with photos you send/bring to us or we can even come out for an on-site design consultation so we can get an even better feel for your space.

Rekindling your old favorite cushions and pillows

But the beauty is in returning to your old favorite patio cushions and pillows.  These old friends will be by your side for many years to come.  Be sure to properly store them while they’re not in use.  Take care of them and they will take care of you, so do pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance recommendations provided by the manufacturer.  This will allow you to appreciate them each time you pull them back out.  

Prepping for the season just became as easy as switching your pillows and cushions!

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