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Get to Know Grill Brands: Blaze, Magic Fire, and Delta Heat Grills

When you’re buying a grill, it’s important to consider your personal preferences. For instance, do you prefer gas or ceramic grills? Most importantly, what grill brand provides the features that are most compatible with your cooking needs?

Knowing more about specific grill brands before you buy is a great way to familiarize yourself with the product, and feel comfortable with your grill before you start cooking. Plus, you’ll be able to learn more about their incredible performance and durability!

If you want to learn more about individual grill brands, continue reading for a closer look at three of our favorites.


See the Difference with Blaze Gas Grills (Best Value)

One of the reasons we love Blaze grills is because of their superior design and longevity. Blaze grills are made using 304 stainless steel, which means the body of your grill is going to be substantially more durable (and stylish) compared to other grill models. This includes stainless steel burners that are designed to produce plenty of heat but won’t wear out after a few years of use.

Blaze grills are also constructed with a double-lined hood, which means you won’t burn and tarnish the top of your grill while cooking. That’s right - you won’t find any burn marks, warping, or discoloration around your grill. If you want to really step up your outdoor cooking skills, you’ll find everything you need in a Blaze grill.

Like most gas grills, Blaze grills are easy to operate and have a no muss no fuss clean up. You’ll be able to cook plenty of various foods on a Blaze grill’s expansive grates. The added bonus? Most Blaze grills have heat zone separators, so you can cook multiple types of food at various temperatures. Separating the ribs, corn, burgers, and brats have never been easier - or more delicious.

Plus, our Blaze grills currently feature a Lifetime Warranty.


Fire Magic Grills (Premium Brand)

As one of the most diverse grill brands on the market, you can do it all with a Fire Magic grill. Fire Magic offers various types of grill models, including propane, natural gas and charcoal grills. Based on your preference, you can decide if you’d prefer cooking with charcoal on your gas grill!

Fire Magic grills are also made in the USA with patented 304 stainless steel no-stick cooking grids, so you’ll be searing high-quality foods that everyone can enjoy. These grids come with a lifetime warranty, so you can enjoy your cooking experience for years to come. The Fire Magic brand includes most accessories you would need for your outdoor kitchen, such as storage options, kegerators, and refrigerators, making it a popular choice for built-in applications.

The two most popular Magic Fire grill models are the Echelon Diamond and Aurora grills. Each of these models comes with plenty of award-winning built-in grill features that enhance your cooking experience and minimize cooking mishaps.

Some of the best features of Magic Fire Grills are:

  • Digital thermometers
  • LED lighting and controls
    • Lights change color to let you know when your grill ready for use or is still turned on
  • Windows to observe your cooking
  • Extended cooking surface
  • Expansive accessory line

With Fire Magic grills, you’ll enjoy a premium cooking experience preparing plenty of delicious food all year long.



Delta Heat Grills (Best Value+)

If you want an experienced grill brand that has it all, offers great value, and is made in the USA Delta Heat is the brand for you. They offer a diverse range of grills and outdoor kitchen equipment that are great for family dinners, or large gatherings. You’ll be able to cook a wide variety of food in no time on these incredible burners utilizing the ceramic/infrared briquettes

What makes Delta Heat so interesting, and ideal for big BBQs, is their 18 gauge stainless steel burners on every grill. These burners come with a lifetime warranty and are designed to cook and sear your food to perfection. This, coupled with the easy maintenance and high quality construction of your grill will make grilling the highlight of your weekend for many, many years to come

Many Delta Heat models also come with additional accessories like temperature gauges and control panels, so you’ll be able to navigate your grill like a pro the first time you cook.


What Grill Brand is Best for You?

If you’ve been wondering where to begin when buying a grill, it’s best to talk to a grill specialist before purchase. Our team of experts will ask you specific questions about the dimensions of your deck, your ideal grill location, and what you’re looking for from your grill model. Just be sure to follow up with basic BBQ cleaning and maintenance after purchase!



For more help finding your perfect grill model and brand, check out all of our grill buying tips, and download our free Grill Master's Guide. The world of outdoor grilling can be delicious, but overwhelming - if you need an expert opinion before you buy, head to your local Casual Furniture World store to meet with one of our grill experts.


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