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The Best Outdoor Grilling Accessories

Whether you have a propane grill, natural gas grill, or wood pellet grill, every model has something in common: you need the proper grilling accessories to get cooking! Without the right grilling accessories by your side, you won’t be able to cook, sear, and smother all your favorite foods.

Outdoor grills are capable of creating amazing food, but the world of outdoor cooking isn’t complete without the right tools. If you feel like your grill is missing something, check out our must-have grill accessories list.


Prep Accessories

After you buy a grill, it’s important to have the right prep grill accessories by your side. If you’re handling something simple like burgers and brats, you might be able to skip this step. However, if you plan on cooking complex dishes like pulled pork or a rotisserie chicken, you’ll need the right equipment by your side.

  • A Basting Brush
    • In order to keep all the oils, sauces, and seasonings on your food, it’s important to have a basting brush nearby. This way, you can cover your meat, and add fresh flavors as needed.

  • An Oil Sprayer
    • This is great for marinating your meat or keeping your hands clean while cooking. An oil sprayer can help coat your grill grates, and your dinner, with all the right ingredients.

  • Baker Sheet
    • Keeping your meat separate can be a challenge, but dirtying up multiple plates with raw meat isn’t the best solution. Instead, use a baker’s sheet! This is handy for carrying out all your food at once - simply transfer it directly from the tray to your cooking surface.

With the right preparatory outdoor grill accessories, you’ll be able to start operating your grill in no time.



Cooking Tools

The most important grilling accessories are the ones involved in the cooking process. Being able to carefully handle, flip, and care for the meat on your BBQ grill is an important step in your outdoor grilling experience - which is why we’ve listed the rest of your must-have grilling accessories.

  • Heat Resistant Gloves
    • Whether you’re handling a wood pellet or electric grill, it’s important to have heat resistant gloves handy. Some of the meat you’ll be handling is fairly large, and will require your grill to reach extreme temperatures! Don’t risk getting burned - instead, use protective gloves as needed.

  • Long-Handled Tongs
    • For chicken breasts, fish, burgers, or corn, a pair of long-handled tongs is a must-have. You’ll be able to manage your meat and food, without ever getting too close to the grill itself. This is the number one grill accessory for every outdoor chef. 

  • Spatula
    • The most standard outdoor grill accessory is a spatula. Great for flipping fish and burgers, this will be the standout tool of the summer.

  • High-Quality Meat Thermometer (The most important accessory for any grill master!)
    • While many grills have built-in meat thermometers, it’s never a bad idea to have an extra. These are great for monitoring your food to make sure everything is done to perfection and guarantee nothing will be overcooked!

  • Turner
    • A turner is similar to a spatula but is more precise when you’re flipping burgers. It’s clean, sharp edges will be able to turn your paddies faster than ever.

  • Grill Mat
    • Messy cooking isn’t for everyone. If you want to contain your food, a grill mat is a safe way to manage your meal and keep all your ingredients contained in one place.



Clean-Up Tools

These grilling accessories aren’t very exciting, but they are necessary when it comes to annual BBQ cleaning and maintenance. While it’s important to check your liquid propane or natural gas between uses, it’s just as important to clean up your grill once you’re done. Just like cleaning a cast-iron skillet, grill maintenance doesn’t have to be too precise - it just needs to get the job done so you can keep grilling all year long.

  • Grill Brush
    • In between uses, it’s important to remove old food, dirt, and debris that stay on your grill grates. If not, you’ll have pieces of burnt-on food in your next meal - which is not appetizing for anyone.
  • Grill Cover
    • During the winter months, it’s easy to let your grill sit exposed outside, but it’s not ideal for maintaining its exterior. When you’re not going to use your grill for a considerable amount of time, be sure you use your grill cover.

  • Stainless Steel Cleaner
    • In the world of outdoor grilling, juices spill and streaks happen. A stainless steel cleaner is going to keep the exterior of your grill looking brand new for years to come.

  • Grate Scraper
    • Sometimes, a grill brush just doesn’t cut it. A grill grate scraper is ideal for removing tough burnt-on food, so you won’t face any problems the next time you cook.

  • Ash Brush or Vacuum
    • In charcoal or ceramic grills, ash can collect between uses. Every few months, use an ash brush or vacuum to clean out the bottom of your grill, so it doesn’t begin to change the delicious flavors of your food.


With the right grilling accessories, you’ll be able to sear, smother, and char amazing food in no time - but it all starts with the right grill model. If you’re in the market for a new grill, check out our free Grill Master's Guide and review our best grill buying tips for beginners. The best part? Our 30-day grill guarantee lets you test any model for 30 days - if you don’t love it, come visit your local Casual Furniture World store for an exchange! 

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