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Thinking about an Outdoor Kitchen?  Start Here!

If you have begun your research on either building or purchasing an outdoor kitchen, you now probably know it can be quite a complicated process with many variables to consider.  We hope to steer you in the right direction so that you can create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams, on time and on budget.

1.  Like all good projects, start with a plan.  While this may seem daunting at first, we have created the Outdoor Kitchen Planning Guide to help you on your way and the good news is you don't need to be an architect or a CAD expert!  A good plan can start with and be as simple as accurate measurements and a rough sketch of your thoughts and wishes.

2. Determine the type of construction or outdoor kitchen you desire and that is right for your style, space, and environment.    Whether it is a full custom build, custom-built aluminum cabinetry. or All-weather PVC cabinetry, many of the same planning steps and pointers still apply. (Pro TIps at the End!)

Full Custom Build - Custom-built outdoor kitchens are usually built by local hardscapes or landscapers out of block or brick.  The structure will be designed to neatly fit all of your appliances, Custom-built outdoor kitchens are often covered in brick or stone to match the rest of your home or outdoor living area, and due to their heavyweight, are only ideal for ground-level construction over a concrete foundation. .  Because they are "non-combustible" construction, this method alone may save you thousands on insulating jackets for your grills and other appliances.

*A popular method for full custom-built outdoor kitchens (especially recommended for DIYers) to use Galvanized Steel Studs for the framing and a cement board covering, that can then be clad in the faux stone or siding of your choice.  This is often the least expensive and fastest method of construction.  It also keeps the construction light weight allowing a custom-built kitchen to be installed on a deck or dock.  Its non-combustible nature will also save you thousands on insulating jackets.


Custom Buit Outdoor Kitchen


Custom-Built Aluminum Cabinetry - Aluminum Cabinetry can be fully customized or may come in ready-to-assemble modules.  The durable nature of aluminum makes it ideal for coastal environments and its light weight makes it ideal for porches, decks, and docks.  One of our favorite features of aluminum cabinetry from Challenger Designs is the weather-sealed (rubber gaskets) doors are drawers, keeping all of your stored items clean and dry.  Soft close drawers add a touch of luxury.  Aluminum Cabinetry may feature a factory-made aluminum countertop or the homeowner may choose granite or Dekton countertops for extra style and customization. 


Aluminum Outdoor Kitchen


PVC Cabinetry - PVC Cabinetry is manufactured and is installed very similarly to indoor kitchen cabinetry, by trained professionals.  It offers many unique styles, and colors, giving the ultimate in luxury design and appearance. Like aluminum cabinetry, it too is lightweight and ideal for coastal or harsh environments.  PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is an excellent material for outdoor use.

Naturkast PVC Kitchen


Pro Tips:

  1. Counterspace - make sure to factor in plenty of counter space.  You will need plenty of space to set dishes, grill tools, pots, and pans.  We often see this one overlooked!  We recommend at least as many square inches of counter space as cooking space.
  2. Construction Method - While the upfront costs of building your outdoor kitchen out of wood are less, you will spend significantly more on insulating jackets for your appliances.
  3. Venting - Follow all manufacturer's specifications regarding the appropriate venting for your outdoor kitchen or cabinetry!  Planning for you venting during the planning process can save time and money during the build phase.
  4. Weather - If freezing in your area is likely, you may need to add strip heaters to water lines, faucet insulation covers, or additional heating elements to your outdoor kitchen to prevent freeze damage and to keep appliances running all winter long.   A master drain, in an easy-to-access location, is often recommended in areas that consistently reach freezing items. 
  5. Vent Hoods - Most grill manufacturers and local building codes require an appropriately sized vent hood to be installed over your cooking appliances if they are under a combustible roof (no matter the height!).  This is crucial to your planning as adding an unforeseen vent hood can add significant time and expense.
  6. Have the appliances on-site for final installation and countertop measurements.  While the CAD drawings from most manufacturers are spot on, nothing substitutes having the real thing.  Pay close attention to the depth of the cutout for the grill, taking the thickness of the countertop into consideration.  

Casual Furniture World is the Carolinas Premium Dealer of outdoor kitchen appliances from: Lynx, Sedona by Lynx, Fire Magic, AOG, Twin Eagles, Delta Heat, Blaze, Alfa Ovens, Memphis Grills, and Kamado Joe.  Our team of trained team members and designers are ready to help you through the design and build process!